Guns Are Bad – CounterThink Counter-Agitation Cartoons

by Pilgrim's Pride | January 3rd, 2013

NaturalNews, apparently now an Enemy of Der Stadt, has a very good cartoon and article about the insanity of the gun-confiscation hysteria contrasted with the Federal Government’s recenct purchases of 1,500,000,000 1,600,000,000 rounds of deadly, man-killing, illegal-for-war “dum-dum” hollow point bullets to be cached in arms depots all across America.

‘Guns are bad!’ CounterThink cartoon reveals hypocrisy of government gun confiscation schemes

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Guns Are Bad - by CounterThink Cartoons

Guns Are Bad – by CounterThink Cartoons

2 Responses to “Guns Are Bad – CounterThink Counter-Agitation Cartoons”

  1. unclefrank says:

    Good cartoon. It would seem with the amount of hollow point 40 caliber rounds and who knows what else they are storing, one might think that they be a little apprehensive of what the gun culture may attempt to do if their 2nd amendment rights are violated by this corrupt adminstration.

    • Indeed. I see Illionois withdrew their Stalinist disarmament proposal today. Waiting to see what replaces it. I believe this is the high-water mark of the Leftist’s on-going coup d’etat. If we can break them here, we may set back their plans for a generation or so.

      Time to pray hard.

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