Liberty or Profit? Independence Day on the Main Line.

by Pilgrim's Pride | June 28th, 2012

Celebrations and remembrances have begun in earnest, here on the Philadelphia Main Line.  Because so much history was made between here and Philadelphia, the townships and boroughs are forced to stagger their official observances simply to ration the available supply of marching bands, fireworks companies, WWII veterans, and enthusiastic Americans to watch them.

In my little corner of Colonial America, the ground lays such that our fireworks display thundered and reverberated enough to thump our chests with each report, frightening some of the little ones in attendance.  Is it so hard to imagine the men who witnessed the first American pyrotechnics, the soldiers of the Continental Army, were any less frightened?

The Paoli Massacre was inflicted on the evening and night of 20th September, 1777.  General “Mad” Anthony Wayne and his force were encamped in a field not far from here, thinking it safe to rest after heavy action, but they had been betrayed by Loyalists to the local detachment of the Royal Army.

More than fifty Americans were murdered in their sleep or otherwise unawares at the order of General Grey.  Some were tortured to reveal intelligence.

At the risk of oversimplifying, these murdered Patriots were offered their lives if only they would swear allegiance to their king — something no American had been demanded in more than 200 years of colonial life.

They refused.

And they were murdered.

Many spoke words once uttered by our Lord Jesus Christ as they lay dying in a pool of their own blood.

Today, more than fifty of their earthly remains rest behind a stone fence in present-day Malvern, on land once a farm field later a Roman Catholic boy’s school, since donated to an historical society to perpetuate the memory of their heroism and Godly resolution.  The bodies of many were never identified having been buried in expedient graves.

View of Burial Mound with 1817 Monument and restored stone wall from the NW. 1877 Monument was moved to outside the gravesite. Two Revolutionary War Cannons at the west gate.

(The society is struggling to keep its mission, a sign of our deteriorating secular situation.  Please visit them and consider a small donation

1877 Paoli Massacre Monument (see description for text of inscription).

How will their immortal souls judge us living today, who fail to give even lip service against a tyranny so complete it dares dictate the content of our character? (Please forgive the vulgar allusion.)

Reading the names of our present tyrants, many clothed in the same black robes worn by Patriot ministers of God, are the obvious offspring of immigrants, the famous and celebrated “Huddled Masses and Wretched Refuse” that came to our country seeking succor and mercy a mere century ago — long after America was an established and prosperous country, made from the blood and bodies of countless generations.

Yet today we see our fathers’ compassion and benevolence repaid with treason and enslavement in a way George William Frederick Hanover did not dare.  Perhaps, to our new Royal Masters, America was always about profit – thirty pieces of silver if you will – and the power it brings over men, never holy Liberty.

Surely they have their reward and may God Almighty have mercy on their souls.

Remember Paoli!

Presented to you this 4th day of July, in the Year of Our Lord 2012, I remain sincerely yours,

The Pilgrim’s Pride


8 Responses to “Liberty or Profit? Independence Day on the Main Line.”

  1. Oh come on…now we have Victimhood of the “Patriots”? It was a revolution for goodness sakes! I heard some pretty nasty stories of what the ‘Patriots’ did to the Loyalists.

    Bottom line is that not many people supported our revolutionary ancestors…they certainly didn’t have the support of the majority….only later on did people start joining up and then it was still only 30%.

    Ben Franklin’s own son told his father he was making a terrible mistake by separating from England.

    Such a bunch of B.S. this blog post. Sounds like your writing about the holocaust or something.

    It’s a revolution! Of course there’s going to be bloodshed! They signed up for it!

    Let’s not whimper like modern day pathetic humans.

  2. More elaboration…

    It’s the Modern Day American attitude of VictimHood….when we should have an attitude of Klingon!

    Modern Day Victimhood…”And his lips quivered with the memories of the injustice of 200 something years ago wrought by those evil heartless…Englllissshh….” It’s baloney because it just leads to more hatred….English hatred. I rather like, admire and respect the English, I consider them my brothers, and they had every right to try to keep their colonies…and I daresay…People….together under one banner.

    The Klingon Attitude that we should have…and that our ancestors displayed…was….”And we died in battle! We fought for what we believed and we refused to back down! There is no way to leave this world that is more honorable and Glorious! Hoooyah!!”

    This attitude is way better….because it doesn’t sound like sniveling victims. We’re in control of our own future. We did what we had to do…what we felt was right. And More Importantly….It Doesn’t Blame the English. It doesn’t lead to endless hatreds that lead to more hatreds and wrong thinking.

    • Fish,

      I hope this post does not revel in victimology as its intention is far from that. Indeed, one of my family lines featured a Patriot father and Loyalist son, both of whom fought, both of whom died at Saratoga, which was in fact the family farm. This is to say, THEY KILLED EACH OTHER in a very tragic way. So too the men of Willistown, Pennsylvania refused to prostitute their convictions even at the cost of their lives. This is a worthy example and why we remember them 235 years after the fact.

      I rather like your “Klingon” idea of worthy adversary now comrade and that is certainly how I try to order my own life.

      But to make my case more plain, I recount the story to show how men lived not so very long ago. They took their medicine and paid a high price for their beliefs, starkly opposed to our neutered “persons/people/them/their” sexless, spineless multikulti whatsits that stand for nothing and everything depending on what their Royal Masters dictate from moment to moment.

      After all, quite a lot of that spilled blood belongs to my family — on both sides of the killing.

      The Pilgrim’s Pride

  3. The criticism of Mr. Pilgrim is based on leftism, part of which stands for the proposition that a non-transnational nation such as America has no legitimacy. People that believe no nation has legitimacy question any nation’s criticism of another nation even if the criticism takes the form of a simple statement of fact used to illustrate how much one nation, America, owes to its own forefathers. Mr. Pilgrim made a statement of fact that one nation, Britian, massacred soldiers of another nation, America.

    A leftist is further characterized by the dislike of his own nation. The leftist never admits this because his method is subterfuge; he can’t admit his goal because it is abhorrent to his fellow citizens. Instead the leftist pretends neutrality while lashing out with excuses for another nation’s behavior and with faulting his own nation. Never fails.

    • By God, this is the most succinct explanation I have seen. It also explains about 3/4 of the spewage on conservative, Patriot, nationalist or traditionalist web discussions.

      May I borrow it?

      A leftist is further characterized by the dislike of his own nation. The leftist never admits this because his method is subterfuge; he can’t admit his goal because it is abhorrent to his fellow citizens. Instead the leftist pretends neutrality while lashing out with excuses for another nation’s behavior and with faulting his own nation. Never fails.

  4. Of course Mr. Pilgrim. I am humbled. Thank you for your wonderful website that I found from Laura at I have been studying under Lawrence Auster at VFR, When I think of Valley Forge, I perceive my efforts as truly slight. But we do what we can to avoid another Valley Forge.


    • Laura’s site is the tops, par excellence, without qualification. I am humbled by the favors she’s granted me and her readership is one of the best in the blogosphere. (How I loath that description but what else to call it?)

      I live not far from Valley Forge and as a Philadelphia native, it has been part of my consciousness my entire life.

      The hardest fact about the winter at Valley Forge is that it was voluntary. VOLUNTARY! To borrow a phrase, I tremble at the thought of it. I wish only the rest of the United States had such living examples of our forefathers’ mettle to guide them. I think the Westward Expansion was done too quickly, perhaps unavoidably so, but too quickly none the less to give the immigrant Pioneers the time needed to absorb the magnitude of the debt they owed the Americans.

  5. Well as a person that lives in a subtropical climate, I was shocked at how cold it can get when I went to Colorado just out of college. We were in pain as we walked about a half mile back to our rented condo. To think about going through the activities of daily living night and day for months on end VOLUNTARILY is amazing. It is a soldier’s life. I can’t imagine what it was like when a soldier contracted the flu in such conditions. When I get the flu or food sickened, I think about such soldiers and how lucky I am to be sheltered and a phone call away from a modern physician, who has seen it all and matter-of-factly does what he does.


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