Paging Toby Keith

by Pilgrim's Pride | October 6th, 2013

There is an interesting article in today’s Associated Press feed, “Use of Force to be Studied in DC Police Chase.

For the record, a Black woman was killed without trial or conviction and yet conservatives are outraged at her death.  So much for the canard of “racism”.  Whatever.

It would appear TPTB are aware that the public has turned on them and their jackboot approach to uppity peasants, especially those that even remotely threaten the Regime.

Their mentality is one of “palace guards” loyal to personalities, not peace officers loyal to, duh, the peace.

(Of course, cops are not peace officers and never were, being the natural outgrowth of private security guard firms such as Pinkerton.  “Law enforcement” is the apt description for their function, but I digress.)

A friend of this correspondent once remarked upon his father, a retired 20-year veteran of the NYPD.  “Never once did he draw his weapon in the line of duty.”


And yet today, over the most minor pretexts, our “police” act more like frightened animals bearing down with weapons aimed on mundane “civilians” for the most petty and minor provocation.  All too often, the end result of death is a foregone conclusion.

Why is this so?  Obviously, it is a reflection of the training pumped into their heads today, in our world of “zero tolerance”; abject, unquestioning “compliance” with government diktat; and of course the coarse, vulgar, and crude violence of our national character as exemplified by that damned Toby Keith lyric, “We’ll put a boot in your ass, it’s the American Way.”

Our cops are doing exactly what they’ve been raised to do since birth.

P.S. special to Toby Keith: for your information, the American Way is Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness which is quite impossible if you are dead at the hands of the government that very document created.

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  1. Is that Toby Keith then? I hear that in the Sean Hannity intro and can’t stand it.

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