Rules for Americanists

by Pilgrim's Pride | June 18th, 2012

Ten Rules for Americanists to follow in our struggle to keep our land and our people alive:

1.  Understand this is a war of ideas.  It must be fought with ideas.

2.  Do not concede our English tongue to the enemy!  Use “he, him, and his; she, her, and hers” instead of the insidious “them” and “theirs”.  There is a nobility in the title “Man” and the title “Woman” the politically correct would deny.  Only the proven are called Man.  Only the worthy are called Woman.

3.  Witness the risen Christ and be unashamed to declare your faith before men. Address the Almighty with the respect earned with blood by our Lord Jesus Christ.

4.  Remember our forefathers:  Remember the birthday of George Washington; Remember Independence Day; Remember the Pilgrim’s landing at Plymouth Rock.

5.  Ask of every political position, each new proposal, Is it good for America?  Or does it bring dispossession?

6.  Defend the integrity of the American country.  Our ancestors gave their lives to build this land from the wilderness.  It is a privilege for a foreigner to live here.  He must prove himself worthy — and welcome.  Do not cheapen citizenship by giving it away promiscuously.

7.  Recognize the great distinction between a United States citizen and an American.  Citizenship is a legal technicality;  American is our blood.

8.  Learn and teach our history to all, especially to the younger generations.  “He who controls the present controls the past.  He who controls the past controls the future”.

9.  Avoid at all costs fratricidal and internecine fighting.  All Americans are brother Americans.  Fight the enemy not your own

10.  See and speak the truth, even if it pains you to admit it.

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  1. I would add rule number 11: Arm yourself and prepare…

  2. Quote: “All Americans are brother Americans”

    Including the MS-13 and LaRaza thugs our president just pencil whipped into de-facto dream act, citizenship?

    Be gin-clear on this. Those PEOPLE are not Brother Americans, nor
    will they ever be.

    • Not to quote myself, but quoting myself ;-):

      7. Recognize the great distinction between a United States citizen and an American. Citizenship is a legal technicality; American is our blood.

      There is much more on the subject than this little sentence at the above link.


  3. Daniel K Day says:

    I came here via Arctic Patriot. First of all, you hit the nail on the head in #2, using “man” and “woman” as words denoting a level of honor. It is one of my pet peeves when people use these terms to describe criminals.
    Now to the disagreement — “Americanist” is your term, defined by your rules, but you are disqualifying Buddhists like me as Americanists.

    • Daniel,
      I’m glad you found merit to the post and its ideas. It is my hope they spread and form the core of a positive goal for us Americans, in lieu of the endless reaction against ___________ (fill in the blank).

      It is important to note a semantic distinction often lost, or simply glossed over, in our present age of semiotics and tokens that have replaced the tangible. I do not begrudge you Buddhism. Far from it. And yet the facts of the matter are that America, in its mythological and popular sense America was made in fulfillment of Christian duty and obviously, by believing and rather pious Christian men. (I refer to the large understanding of America/American, dismissing the hyper-technical, almost gratuitous, Soviet/Alinsky propaganda definitions attempting to impose a modern perspective anachronistically.)

      So the real question would be to you: Why did you choose an alien religion? Did you not expect to pay a price of some kind for alienating yourself from your kinsmen and countrymen?

      These are not meant to me insulting or snarky but are in earnest. To my eyes, too many USAns expect complete acceptance and tolerance of their non-standard decisions in life, even to the extent of demanding external validation from the public at large on pain of suffering. Surely you recognize this with any number of so-called minority subcults.

      This is to say, if one deliberately moves outside the group, how is it the group owes one moral and financial support?

      Allow me to suggest that you are an American if the blood in your veins comes from American parents ab initio. And yes, it is certainly possible to be adopted into the American nation but that’s a discussion for another day. Suffice it to say they are both genuine but follow different paths. However, being an American, you have a duty to propagate not only the genes of your fathers but also their civilization, which is Christian in a specific sense. Deviation comes at a price to the individual as well as the society. Whether or not that deviation is beneficial, only time will tell. Thus far, it appears the accumulated deviations from the original have been catastrophic.

      I do hope you’ll continue the discussion here and elsewhere.
      The Pilgrim’s Pride

      • Daniel K Day says:

        TPP, sorry to take so long to reply. Life got in the way.
        I don’t question the Christian underpinnings of the political founding and moral credo of this country. Starting with the end of your comment:
        > Allow me to suggest that you are an American if the blood in your veins comes
        > from American parents ab initio
        I wish I could agree with that. There is a commenter on the PJ Media blog “Belmont Club” who coined and uses the term TWANLOC, “those who are no longer our countrymen”, for people who were born and brought up here but minimal respect for our history, culture, Constitution, traditions, etc. (they see their sarcasm as ‘sophisticated’). Your conflict and mine is with such people.
        > Why did you choose an alien religion?
        Because I wasn’t happy as a Christian.
        > Did you not expect to pay a price of some kind for alienating yourself from your
        > kinsmen and countrymen?
        I did not expect to be read out of the liberty movement. Of some kind, yes. There is a certain distance between me and some of my more fervent Christian relatives. It can’t be helped.
        You are overstating a little by “your kinsmen and countrymen”. If you read liberty-oriented blogs widely, you’ll notice, or you should already have noticed, many bloggers and commenters who declare themselves agnostic or atheist. If you go to secular conservative/liberty-oriented gatherings you’ll meet plenty of people who are non-churchgoers. Some of my kinsmen and countrymen have left the Christian faith but remain loyal to the Constitution (the real Constitution, not the one five SC Justices claim they see… but I’ll stay on point). You’re not the first Christian blogger and you won’t be the last to declare that being a Christian is an inextricable part of being American. The Christian conservatives who do that are writing valuable allies out of their side, temporarily at least, in the coming struggles. It’s shortsighted and I hope you will prevail on your brothers in faith to tone it down a little.
        > being an American, you have a duty to propagate not only the genes of your fathers
        > but also their civilization, which is Christian in a specific sense. Deviation comes at
        > a price to the individual as well as the society.
        This sort of statement is exactly the type that I’m appealing to you to tone down a little. Either we respect religious choices (excepting the violent ones; I’m sure no further explanation is necessary) or we don’t. That said…
        > the accumulated deviations from the original have been catastrophic
        NO argument from me. There has been a moral deterioration with broadening acceptance of the Left’s cynicism about human liberty and the acceptance of theft by taxation.
        Laura Schlessinger once remarked on her show that sincere Protestants, Catholics, Jews and other religious practitioners do not really have a gripe with each other, because they’re all trying to be godly. It’s the people with no ethics, or “convenient” ethics, which amounts to the same thing, that they have a problem with. The alliance between you and me is political and, to a great extent, ethical. That’s good enough, plenty good enough for me.

        • Daniel,

          At a high enough level of abstraction I do not disagree with you in the least. The devil, as they say, is in the details.

          Let me contextualize the purpose of my effort here so that you might also better understand why this subject is important to me. Over many years of political awareness, decades really starting in junior high school, I noticed the most virulent enemies of all that I held dear, be it institution, belief, enjoyment, music, food, choice in mates, all of it, came from people who to a man not only reject my Lord but who openly mocked or despised him and me for my belief.

          Now I have been involved in various “Patriot” causes for a long while and notice an equal number of such characters here. It almost goes without saying the various “white nationalist” organizations seem to be a breeding ground for anti-Christian bigotry even as they make pleas similar to yours, exhorting that all us Whites stick together etc etc etc.

          Here’s the rub:

          Why is it us traditionalist Americans who do all the compromising? As you know, a fraction, times a fraction yields a smaller fraction yet. Here we are, true-blue Americans, perhaps the ninth or tenth generation of fractional compromise and there is almost nothing left to defend — which is the futility of the useless “conservative” movement.

          There is also a practical side to this.

          The tolerance you enjoy, such as it is (I mean, there are no death squads or fatwas with your name on them, are there?), comes only by virtue of the Christian society that indulges your deviation from social norms. This is to say, what you are doing would be impossible in most other global societies where religion is more an ethnic trait as we find with Jews and their form of religion.

          Finally, what you ask essentially “writes us out” of the very federation that my forefathers invented to serve and further their own religious interests as much as any other reason. As the Anglican confession goes, ” … we are bold to say, ‘Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.”

          What you suggest is not exactly bold. It is exactly accommodational. And it has been tried and found to fail, spectacularly, as the Episcopalian church of my birth has proven incontrovertibly. In fact, the Episcopal church (cult?) has gone so far as to jettison core Christian tenants and practices in the name of “attracting membership” and “tolerance” for “The Other”.

          So my blog has a specific purpose in mind, in this case with your name on it in giant bold letters:

          I want Americans to reassert their manly virtues once again. I demand they reclaim their birthright which is Christian in a manner never before exercised since Christ himself trod this earth.

          I want us to project such a face of virtue that men like you and your agnostic/atheistic fellows feel miniscule in comparison and feel compelled to rejoin us in full fraternal bond.

          Probably you’re laughing at me but this is my desire.

          Far from watered down milquetoast I intend to serve up real meat to my fellow Americans and your fellow United States citizens and Constitutionalists.

          It may interest you to know that my life is about as far from the stereotype you perhaps hold with numerous other “Patriots” who enjoy playing Leftist in deriding and humiliating their Christian neighbors for a nice turnabout.

          I swear like a longshoreman. I think dirty thoughts about pretty women. I fantasize about pounding my enemies into pulp or mince-meat. I hardly attend Church on Sunday so disgusted am I with the utter destruction visited on my beloved Episcopalianism.

          But by God my sons will know the Holy Bible and the Book of Common Prayer (the real one, not the falderol that passes for it at the moment) like the back of their hands.

          Jesus Christ won me as a follower not because of brainwashing, not because I checked that brain at the door or am in need of a psychological crutch as so many unkindly suggest.

          I follow Christ because he makes perfect sense and I proved to myself to my complete satisfaction over the course of a lifetime spent doing everything I could to do the wrong thing (within my basic character that is, I am not so different from your typical college educated professional in many ways; I make no claims to “fallen further than thou!” and neither do I make any bizarre conversion claim. I simply decided one day “If I can’t beat him, join him!”).

          Now Daniel, YOU are MORE THAN WELCOME to JOIN ME in my ancestral mission to secure the blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our Posterity.

          No one has ejected you from the Liberty movement. The imperative to evangelize demands the opposite: tolerance and understanding. But we shall never tolerate hatred directed at Christ himself, not the mockery that follows it. At least I won’t. My life’s path is to fight and I’ll fight however necessary at the moment and at this moment, the weapon at hand is the Human Mind.

          JOIN US, DANIEL. You are the plaintiff. Our Common Law and the very logic of it mean that you must accommodate yourself to us. In doing so, you might even win converts to your way of seeing things.

          (I have studied your system and understand it is not really a religion, and that to be truly fluent in its teachings you must for all intents and purposes become Chinese or their kin. This is no less true for the practice of Christianity. It cannot be divorced from our public life.)

          Independence day blessings to you in this Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Twelve.

          The Pilgrim’s Pride

  4. When one side insists this a war of ideas and must be fought with
    ideas the other side is granted a win if they are willing to embrace the
    idea that if they can’t win with ideas then they can win with violence…
    because their opponents are committed to fighting with ideas instead of force.

    It’s a war….ideas and violence are both tools of war.
    Plan, prep and practice to use both or you are planning
    prepping and practicing to lose.

    • True to a large extent. Consider the Christian response to Roman power and authority, however. Not only is it effective (“A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”) it is a fact, since thus far I have seen no military support for us whatsoever:

      * USN and USAF are officially oppressing Christians (common knowledge via MSM; to wit Capt Klingenschmidt)
      * USMC has gone gay — without so much as a peep
      * USA lets girls fight with the men and I see no resignations, no public stands, just PC
      * US LEOs understand who butters their bread and are untrustworthy at this point, although I’d love to be proven wrong about this (a greatuncle was a Philly cop)

      So it behooves us to use whatever assets we have and we certainly have the winning ideas. It’s not easy to practice propaganda, certainly. But up until now, meaning the past few years, out side has not had a coordinated effort or a common “script”. These are developing as we speak and I for one think we owe it to our Maker to exhaust reason and exhortation before anything deserving of hellfire is contemplated.

      But yeah. I hear you. No reason we can’t prepare for both, si vis pacem para bellum and all that.

      The Pilgrim’s Pride

  5. oughtsix says:

    Pilgrim, I posted this on that thread at wrsa wherein you directed me here. It is in response to a request for a “plan” from Alan Mullenax just above your final comment. Very late in that thread so I thought you might not see it so left it here. Great discussion above, no criticism intended below:

    “I know of no definitive “plan” that could possibly predict and prepare for what’s coming. Too many variables/possibilities, not enough unity, see below.

    What I do know is that the incessant doomsaying, and “philosophical” and political debate that goes around here not only does little to help the cause of Liberty, it destroys what little will and unity we might otherwise have. We are spread thin, far and wide. Many of us will have to act alone or in very small groups, dealing with local events as we find them and as we are able. It will not matter if you believe in the Constitution or are a confirmed agorist. We will not be examining each other for idealistic purity at that time.

    There are too many writers here, and throughout the Liberty sphere who more feel the need to protect their ego investment in some pet theory or other than in trying to prepare to do the unthinkable. I mean that literally… the unthinkable. No one, nor any number of us, can possibly predict the hour or the manner of events, let alone prescribe some “plan” or political system for “fixing” it all.

    I believe that much of this relentless partisanship comes from the need to avoid actually jumping off… maybe it isn’t time yet and the frustration is vented in “debate” and advocacy for the pet theory. It seems also that there is a lot of ego involved in trying to be the most radical, the hardest, most steely eyed realist in describing and accepting the maximum horror foreseen. It all may be just that awful and we certainly have to prepare for the worst cases… but to constantly dwell on that which we believe will likely occur is self defeating, enervating and an impediment to clear thought and right action. I do not mean that we shouldn’t keep up or examine the trends and possibilities… I have no problem with posts in these and other pages wherein we continue to be informed. I have a real problem with commenters who insist on the hopelessness and stark terror of it all. If you are resigned to destruction and without hope, keep it to yourself. Why bother reading and commenting at all? I hate to say it, but some of these folks are ferrets and agitprop agents.

    We are going to need each and every one of us who genuinely believes in Liberty in the general sense. What we need most right now is esprit, confidence, determination and unity of purpose, not a continuing, bitter, acrimonious “debate”. All such nags have been flogged to death. Let us not suffer the same fate.

    We are not about to build another society until we have disposed of the current one… and survived.”

    • Oughtsix, thanks for migrating over here with that — very sound reply and I am not so sure WRSA will tolerate much more of this as this is not their fight (and we shouldn’t impose it on them anyway).

      I agree with you about the professional agitators and CIs. (Hal from Bergen County comes to mind.) Unlike a lot of the armchair commandos, even 99/100 of service veterans (I am not one), I have stuck my neck out in the drug and culture wars and nearly had my head chopped off for my troubles. I almost understand how our young cops turn into homicidal paranoiacs because, in many ways, the bad guys really are out to get them. I myself spent several years looking over my shoulder at one point in my life.

      Having said that, many posters at these sites do just as you say and try to out-hyperbole each other with ever more monstrous scenarios and paranoia. Could it be true? Sure. But we both know that a frightened, doubting soul is an easily led-to-slaughter soul. IBM made billions selling “Fud” or “fear, uncertainty, and doubt” under teh catchphrase, “No one ever got fired buying IBM!”

      Well it works on suspicious Patriots and Nationalists, too. The relentless attacks on the church are but one example. Bottom line, by severing America’s true heritage from the present two or three generations of living Americans, they are (1) frightened (2) uncertain and (3) doubtful about their situation and are willing to blindly follow the next fuerher figure to come with answers.

      Clearly, this is where the bulk of the country is today.

      The Church’s reputation has been called into question since the 1950s and kicked off a vicious cycle such that the “church” is barely Christian as of 2012.

      Our government has likewise been assailed, notably starting with the JFK assassination and certainly Nixon’s fuster-cluck such that many good Americans left civil service opening the way for our present organized crime syndicate that puts the Mafia to shame under color of law.

      Buckley’s personal grudges against Protestant Christianity might have given a few generations of Roman Catholics ego-salve enough but did at the cost of subverting our traditional values and ethical norms — most importantly giving us a domestic form of the fuerherprinzip that allows our confederated governments to rule as no monarch would dare rule a free people.

      So ideological purity is certainly no answer. We must have a common goal however, and that goal must perforce respect the original American idea or there really is no point to the exercise. After all — if you or I wanted to jettison our American heritage for the sake of superficial unity, Why not simply move to Canada and live in peace? Whatever its faults, the Canadian government is certainly not in the habit of hunting its subjects like mad dogs, shooting them in the head, and letting the buzzards pick apart the dead carcass!

      (And maybe at day’s end, that is a real choice. God I hope not but nothing surprises me anymore.)

      Looking forward to continuing this with you ’06.
      The Pilgrim’s Pride

  6. oughtsix says:

    “So ideological purity is certainly no answer. We must have a common goal however, and that goal must perforce respect the original American idea or there really is no point to the exercise. ”

    Couldn’t say it better. In that light, I suggest you remain aware that citing Christianity (and please know that I agree with you that without the liberation and acknowledgement of the Individual through the teachings and sacrifice of Jesus there would have been no Enlightenment, no America) invites the very divisiveness that the Enemy has so successfully sown these past _____ decades.

    I don’t have an answer other than that we must create unity of purpose and a common understanding that, “We must all hang together or, most assuredly, we will all hang separately.”

  7. oughtsix says:

    “But up until now, meaning the past few years, out side has not had a coordinated effort or a common “script”. These are developing as we speak and I for one think we owe it to our Maker to exhaust reason and exhortation before anything deserving of hellfire is contemplated.”

    That from a few comments above. I put it to you, Pilgrim, that didactic and debating methods, indeed reason, scholarship and science, have been exhausted in a futile effort to discuss our problems with those who do not admit of reason or fact. The enemies of Liberty have no use for anything that would disrupt their headlong plunge into tyranny.

    Personal responsibility, upon which all Liberty and right behavior depends, is a very tough sell, especially when the enemy has made sloth and dependency, ignorance and hedonism not only possible but rewarded with stipends.

    As much as I wish it were not so, (If it be Thy Will, Lord, let this cup pass from my country; is my daily prayer) I have no illusions that we will avoid a fight. As far as Divine intervention goes, this may be punishment for the many great sins we, as a people, have allowed, participated in, failed to correct and punish ourselves.

    The only way that there won’t be a fight, and a very big one, is if one side voluntarily surrenders. And that ain’t going to happen.

    As to your fear of hellfire for actions which may be required of us just in order to survive (to possibly build anew), the Commandment is not, “Thou shalt not kill,” it is, “Thou shalt not commit murder.” Big difference. No where does God prohibit self defense. Indeed, it may be said that self defense is required. The enemies of Liberty are the enemies of all mankind. They seek the complete surrender and subjugation of every individual person. They deny God, they do not recognize natural rights. As such, they are the aggressors and have thereby forfeited their own rights including the right to life. No one owes them his own life out of misguided moral equivalency.

    I am content to leave it to the final Judgement while doing my best to act on principle while “doing the unthinkable.” We are given free will for a reason. Those on the other side acknowledge no such moral dilemma. Their theories and constructs are those of men with delusions of grandeur and narcissism and their zeal and self righteousness are sufficient to relieve them of any guilt whatsoever. Mincing no words, Barrack Obama is an incandescent example of same and the folks are so benighted that they can’t or won’t see it.

    It is fatal to hope or assume that tyrants and their enablers can be reasoned with, or that they share a common humanity with us. They have long since sacrificed their empathy on the altar of the Narcissus.

    Socialism killed 150,000,000 last century… at the very least, and I don’t mean combat casualties. Those were mostly people who wouldn’t/couldn’t fight back until it was too late.

    Sounds like I’m ignoring my own advice. I’m not trying to paint too gloomy a picture, just to point out where we are along the way. Accept it, prepare for it and get on with it, is my advice.

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