The Demographics of Gun Control

by Pilgrim's Pride | January 27th, 2013

The Demographics of Gun Control

The Americanist researched the ethnicity and religion of the current crop of national gun control advocates.  Then, as a control, we researched the backgrounds of Pennsylvania members of “Mayors for Gun Control” or whatever it is.  Why Pennsylvania?  Because it is our home state.  We researched Pennsylvania city mayors, not boroughs, since the cities are more manageable and represent dominant portions of the Pennsylvania census.

Some of the research is speculative, however as amateur genealogists with some skill, it’s certainly plausible.  If a politician did not explicitly list his ethnicity/religion, and there are no public records to indicate otherwise, it is marked unknown and a presumed affiliation is listed in parenthesis. However, many that do not self-identify leave bread crumb trails such as marriage announcements, funerals, graduations, and of course membership in various nationality/ethnic clubs like the old “Benevolent Societies” common through the 1970s. In a few other cases, we had to research the object’s parents where the above records are more reliably present.

Here is what we found.

  1. Barack Hussein Obama African: (unknown) / (nondenominational Christian)
  2. Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi: Italian /Roman Catholic
  3. Diane Goldman Feinstein: Jewish / Judaism
  4. Michael Bloomberg: Jewish / Reformed Judaism
  5. Rahm Emmanuel: Jewish / Judaism
  6. Andrew Cuomo: Italian / Roman Catholic
  7. Chris Christie: Irish-Italian / Roman Catholic
  8. Sarah Brady: Irish / Roman Catholic
  9. Josh Sugarmann (Violence Policy Center): unknown / unknown
  10. Joe Morrissey (Va lawmaker w/AK-47 at capitol): Irish / Roman Catholic

Which gives us Ethnicity of National Gun Grabbers

  • 1 African-Commie Sleeper Agent, 10%
  • 3 Italians, 30%
  • 3 Irish, 30%
  • 3 Jewish, 30%

whose religion breaks down to Religion of National Gun Grabbers

  • 1 Non-Denominational Christian, 10%
  • 5 Roman Catholics, 50%
  • 3 Jewish, 30%
  • 1 unknown faith, 10%

Now let us look at the mayors of Pennsylvania’s cities:


  1. Michael Nutter (mayor of Philadelphia): African American / Baptist
  2. Ed Pawlowski (mayor of Allentown, Pa):  Polish/ (Roman Catholic)
  3. John Callahan (mayor of Bethlehem Pa): Irish / Roman Catholic
  4. John Linder (mayor of Chester, Pa):  African American / unknown
  5. Salvatore J. Panto Jr (mayor of Easton, Pa.):  Italian / Roman Catholic
  6. Linda D. Thompson (Mayor of Harrisburg Pa): African American / Unknown
  7. J Richard Gray (Mayor of Lancaster, Pa):  unknown (English) / Episcopalian
  8. Luke Robert Ravenstahl (mayor of Pittsburgh): unknown (Bavarian? Hungarian?) / Roman Catholic
  9. Vaughn D. Spencer (mayor of Reading, Pa): African American / unknown
  10. Thomas M. Leighton (mayor of Wilkes-Barre): unknown (Irish/Slovak) / Roman Catholic
  11. Kim Bracey (mayor of York, Pa): African American / Baptist
  12. Joseph Sinnott (Mayor of Erie, Pa): Irish-Bavarian (modern Germany)/ Roman Catholic (parents religion)

Which breaks down to
Ethnicity of Pennsylvania Gun Grabbers

  • 5 African, 42%
  • 3 Irish, 25% comprised of
    • 1 Irishman, 8%
    • 1 Irish-Italian, 8%
    • 1 Irish-Bavarian, 8%
  • 1 English, 8%
  • 1 Slovak, 8%
  • 1 Polish, 8%

with religious affiliations ofReligion of Pennsylvania Gun Grabbers

  • 5 Roman Catholic, 42%
  • 2 Baptist, 17%
  • 1 Episcopalian, 8%
  • 4 unknown, 33%

You would think such peoples, with national histories of enslavement and decimation, would be armed to the teeth.


Katyn Woods Massacre, USSR

Katyn Woods Massacre, USSR

Simply remarkable.

3 Responses to “The Demographics of Gun Control”

  1. This “analysis” gave me a chuckle. I am a researcher, and we would never chart percentage of such a small sample. Not only that, small samples do not yield any projectable results. There’s nothing to say about them.

    I think I’ll use this with junior staff as an example of what NOT to do.


    • You confuse population with sample. I draw no conclusions except what is presented here for these specific people.

      Do you have an objection to that?

      Perhaps you will volunteer your junior analysts for a statistical analysis of gun controller demographics for The Americanist, extrapolating from there to some arbitrary national estimate.


      • Oh and another thing. Your response is so sloppy, so irrelevant to what was actually written, I wonder if you actually read it.

        My guess is that you glanced at it, picked a few key words here and there, jerked your knee, made numerous assumptions based on your own point of view, projected them onto the comment form as a kind of blank slate … and emptied your gall bladder.

        Fair enough, except this is a serious issue, at least to those of us who actually give a damn about the land our ancestors left for us to enjoy and husband for generations yet to come.

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